Practice makes a man perfect

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Practice makes a man perfect


Brilliant result doesn't just show up by chance. The finest things in life take patience, focus and sacrifice.


Just for a moment visualize Lance Armstrong stopping his spectacularly disciplined daily practice regimen and still hoping to win the Tour De France. Imagine vividly Steve Nash giving up his crushing daily workouts and post-game analyses and still expecting to be in his finest form. Just think about Tiger relaxing his extraordinary commitment to never-ending refinement and improvement of his golf game. Ridiculous, you say. And yet how many of us, on the playing field of business and life, are devoted to consistent daily practice? Very few.  


How can you get better and think of getting better if you don't practice? Success doesn't just occur. Brilliant results don't just show up by chance. The finest things in life take patience focus and sacrifice. To get to world class, you need to work at it continuously, ceaselessly, regularly without an iota of boredom. Daily. Relentlessly, passionately.


Just hoping you'll get to great as a leader is nothing more than magical thinking. It's a waste of time. Remember the 1 percent wins. A few little improvements each day, the result of your daily practice, amount to staggering results overtime. Athletes get better through practicing their sport. Leaders get better by cultivating their craft. By elevating their skills. By deepening their impact. By consciously stepping toward their mountaintops. Until they get there.


I still remember what Robin Sharma, the great motivational thinker has said. If you want to be an extraordinary person you need to read one excellent book every week. If you make it a practice of reading one excellent / great book every week, then you end up reading 52 books in a year. By that equation, you would have read 500 excellent books within 10 years time. Having read 500 books the thoughts of the author shall definitely rub on you & in your conversation with people you may quote certain phrases, quotations, sentences which you remember from time to time. The people who hear you, listen to you will term you to be an extraordinary person and you only will know the road you have taken for being extraordinary.  


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Practice makes a man perfect

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This article was published on 2010/12/13