Practice Does Not Improve Our Memory

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We all have to remember numbers every day, but most of the numbers are so long that they are overloading our memory. Telephone numbers, bills... There are so many examples so we all understand its importance.

Because of that, many people used numbers to can clear up the main facts about the best ways of memorizing. At the beginning of their school, children can remember five numbers on average. That means they can repeat five numbers after they heard them. As years go by, they can memorize more numbers but that's not the point at the moment. We want to show how can we increase our memory capacity.

There was an experiment. Psychologist practiced remembering numbers with children for three months. As they were practicing, children could remember more and more numbers every day. That encouraged him and supported his opinion that practice helps you to memorize better. To be honest, we all think that that is true, right?

But then, something else showed up. Some other facts showed him that his practice was mostly waste of time. Here are some conclusion he got after his experiment:

  • Practice that involved remembering numbers didn't increase children's ability to remember other things. Even though numbers are important, they are just small segment of our memory. We want to increase our overall memory capacity.
  • During summer holidays they didn't practice so children's memory capacity dropped down to the beginning level. Kids couldn't remember numbers, even though they practiced with them.
Those discoveries were supported by many different experiments. That's why we will have to stop to admire practice and think more about this: Practicing helps us only as long as we are practicing. Practice helps us remember better only those things that we are practicing with. It doesn't help us memorize other things.

If we want to increase our memory efficiency, we need something else and not only practice.

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Practice Does Not Improve Our Memory

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This article was published on 2010/03/30