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You may be fascinated at how people can be so talented when it comes to writing, reading and speaking in a different language. How were they able to achieve such greatness? It is simple really. Besides a few other minor elements that conduct success, one is the most prominent out of the bunch. I am referring to the discipline to practice. Thus, if you want to be good at something like the Japanese syllabary Hiragana, you are going to have to practice. Here are a few tips for your Hiragana practice.

Hiragana Practice Tip 1:
Make sure you read Hiragana charts. These charts are valuable for your practice. They list all the different characters and pronunciations that you need to know in order to better your understanding. They will also show you the essential Hiragana spelling rules to prevent you from making huge textual mistakes.

Hiragana Practice Tip 2:
Get a teacher to help you with your Hiragana practice. If you are having trouble understanding Hiragana, would it not be better to be taught by someone who knows what he or she is doing? By getting a teacher, it will be a more hands on approach to learning the art form. You are able to ask any question you have about Hiragana and get the answer immediately. The only downside of this is the cost of the teacher.

Hiragana Practice Tip 4:
Practice Hiragana on the internet. Simply type in "Learn Hiragana" or "Practice Hiragana" in the Google search box. You will see tons of results that will aid you. Also, try doing some Hiragana studying through Wikipedia. They provide a large amount of information regarding the proper uses of Hiragana characters. Take your time to search for material to learn with and make sure the source is credible.

Hiragana Practice Tip 5:
Get software to help you practice Hiragana properly. If you cannot afford a teacher, there is software out there that can do the same job--it is more cost friendly. This method of practicing can be a better choice if you do not have the time to travel out to a teacher. Make sure you research various types of software available through the internet.

Make sure to practice 1 or all of these steps for at least 1 hour a day. This will make your interpretation of Hiragana stronger. By understanding these steps for your Hiragana practice, you will quickly grasp the art form like a natural.

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Hiragana Practice

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This article was published on 2010/04/01